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Unlocking the Mystery of PANS/PANDAS for Parents

Are you a parent who has witnessed your child's unexplained suffering, and felt the confusion and helplessness that often comes with it? Do you know something is terribly wrong, but the medical system fails to provide the answers you need? It's time to regain control of your child's health and find the solutions you've been searching for.

Many parents of children with PANS/PANDAS can relate to these common struggles:

  • Watching your child experience unexplained symptoms, while test results remain inconclusive.

  • Navigating a series of doctors, each offering different opinions and no clear diagnosis.

  • Experiencing the frustration of medical practitioners who don't believe your child's symptoms.

  • Seeing your child subjected to pharmaceutical medications that offer no relief, only side effects.

  • Endless visits to healthcare professionals, all leading to more questions than answers.

  • Witnessing unexplained pain, gut issues, and neuropsychiatric symptoms worsening over time.

  • Feeling isolated and helpless, as it seems no one understands your child's condition.

  • Wrestling with the despair of not knowing how to find answers or what steps to take next.

  • Wondering if you might be losing your child to a condition you can't identify or treat.

Why the Medical System Falls Short:

The medical system often struggles to recognize and diagnose PANS/PANDAS in children, leading to misdiagnoses, inadequate testing, and a lack of conclusive guidance.

Bamboo Wellness Institute:
Your Path to Answers and Hope

Our course, "Unlocking the Mystery of PANS/PANDAS," is tailored specifically for parents. It's designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of PANS/PANDAS. Whether your child is undiagnosed or has already received a PANS/PANDAS diagnosis, our course will empower you to understand the neuroinflammatory processes, tackle testing challenges, and explore treatment options.

Our Course Content:

Module 1: Understanding PANS/PANDAS
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of what PANS/PANDAS is.

  • Learn about the neuroinflammatory processes that underlie these conditions.

  • Discover the common symptoms and signs to watch for in children.

  • Understand the impact of PANS/PANDAS on a child's behavior, cognition, and overall health.

  • Explore how an acute illness can transform into a chronic condition, affecting your child's well-being.


Module 2: Diagnosis and Testing
  • Navigate the complexities of diagnosing PANS/PANDAS in children.

  • Learn about the challenges of obtaining accurate test results.

  • Discover the best available tests for PANS/PANDAS and how to interpret them.

  • Understand the importance of proper diagnosis and the potential consequences of misdiagnosis.

  • Equip yourself with the skills to advocate for your child and ensure they receive the appropriate care.


Module 3: Treatment and Support
  • Explore the diverse treatment options for PANS/PANDAS.

  • Consider a holistic approach that combines conventional medicine, evidence-based natural treatments, and emotional support.

  • Gain insights into how to address the root cause of your child's symptoms.

  • Learn to navigate the medical system effectively, despite common misconceptions and challenges.

  • Understand the significance of taking a tailored approach to treatment, ensuring the best outcomes for your child.

After the Course, you will:

Correctly identify what tools to use to find the root cause of your child's symptoms.

Create a plan of action to achieve your child's health goals.

Navigate the complexities of PANS/PANDAS testing with confidence.

Make informed decisions about your child's health, treatment, and well-being.

Understand the mind-body connection and its impact on your child's journey.

Connect with other parents who share similar experiences and challenges.

Knowledge is Power

By the end of our course, you'll possess the knowledge and understanding you need to take control of your child's health journey, avoid misdiagnoses, and secure the support your child deserves.

  • Unlocking the mystery of PANS/PANDAS

    Perfect to learn the missing links about PANS/PANDAS
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