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Medical consulting 
with Lisa

Discover your personalized pathway to wellness with medical consulting. Lisa will help you navigate the journey to health, giving you the tools for mind-body wellness and direction to achieve your goals.

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Are You Tired of Feeling Lost in the Medical Maze?

  • Declining health, visiting numerous doctors with no answers.

  • Tests come back negative with all doctors yet knowing something is terribly wrong.

  • Doctors and family do not believe your symptom experience.

  • Finding yourself taking pharmaceutical medications with no relief, just side effects.

  • Doctor fatigue after numerous appointments and no explanation to your illness.

  • Unexplained pain, gut issues, and neuropsychiatric symptoms that worsen over time.

  • Feeling alone since no one seems to be able to help you or understand you.

  • Losing your job, fearing financial insecurities.

  • Losing hope and feeling helpless.

  • Not understanding how to find the answers and what to do about it.

  • Feeling as if you may be going crazy and not knowing what to do about it.

Here's why the medical system falls short:

  • Getting treated for symptoms, not the root cause.

  • Every Practitioner tells you something different.

  • Getting misdiagnosis and doctors not believing your symptom experience.

  • Finding Practitioners that say they can help you but charge enormous out of pocket costs and simply offer you one-size-fits-all treatment.

  • Conventional doctors who will only follow CDC guidelines and erroneously interpret your test results.

  • Being told Lyme disease can not be chronic and therefore it can’t be Lyme disease

  • Getting treated for one aspect of your symptoms, but ignoring the rest of the body

Bamboo Wellness Institute:
Your Path to Answers and Hope

I am Lisa Grossman, the founder of BWI. I've been there as a Mother, a caretaker, and a practitioner, and I've experienced firsthand a medical system that let us down. Hospitals sent us home without answers, nor proper treatment.

I know many of you are navigating a complex and often bewildering medical system. It's a place where answers seem elusive, and proper care can feel out of reach. The frustration is real.

This is where BWI comes in. BWI is more than just a business; it's a place to find answers to your questions, receive education about all the options for care, and become part of a community focused on wellness, empowerment, and hope.

Here's how we can help:

  • Individualized treatment addresses the whole person.

  • Understandable explanations help empower and reassure you. We help you gain a clear path which brings you to your goals faster.

  • Focused treatment on the root cause with our expert assessment skills.

  • Learn how to navigate the medical system with the specific tools to save time and money, get results faster.

  • Knowing what to look for and finding the root cause -treating the whole body, gets results faster.

  • Learn how to navigate the psychological impact of chronic illness and what to do about it with a support team.

  • Learn how to choose specific tests and interpret tests accurately.

  • Learn how to address your health by learning about each system of the body.

  • Learning how the mind and body work as one, allows for understanding and brings homeostasis.

  • Community for support, understanding and hope.

During our Consulting, you will:

Be able to correctly Identify the Root cause

Create a personalised plan of action to attain your goals faster

Learn how to navigate the psychological impact

Have a community for support, understanding, direction and hope

Learn how to choose specific tests and interpret tests accurately

Learn how to navigate the medical system with the specific tools

Learn how to address your health by learning about each system 

Blending mind and body health together brings back homeostasis

Mental~Health Consulting with Lisa

We offer expertise in root cause identification, psychological support, individualized treatment, diagnostic guidance, holistic care, and emotional support. We empower you to take control of your health journey, saving time and money while restoring hope.

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • 1 Private Medical Consultation

    Evaluation, test reviews & planning.
    Valid for 7 days
    • Test reviews, Q & A's, Education and Planning
    • 1 private session with Lisa
    • Email access to Lisa for the 1 week
  • Best Treatment Plan

    6 Sessions - Medical Consultation

    Price reduced for a limited time! Find the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan
    Valid for one year
    • Creating a Personalized treatment plan
    • Weekly 50-minute sessions for 6 weeks
    • Email access to Lisa for the 6 weeks
    • Dive into addressing your body systems, test results
    • Work 1 on 1 with Lisa

 Group Coaching 
4 weekly sessions



Help you achieve your health and wellness goals with the power of collective strength.

Join a like-minded community of individuals

Engage in live group sessions to discuss challenges

Access valuable resources, tools, and educational materials

Stay motivated and accountable with your peers

Get answers to your most common questions about our coaching services and courses.

Here's what current Members say about
our Coaching Program.

You could give me three pages to write this review and I still wouldn't be able to completely express how high my opinion is of Dr. Lisa Grossman. I never knew what therapy could be until I met her. If you have a therapist who just sits and listens, that is not therapy! Dr. Lisa is hands down the most skilled therapist I've ever met.  She is also kind, funny and accessible. No annoying assistant or office staff.

She does it all on her own. On top of all that, she is a board-certified acupuncture physician and herbalist! Her herbs helped with a perimenopause issue I had suffered with for years. I could not believe it when I actually got relief. I can also turn to her when I have any questions about nutrition. Her knowledge is remarkable. I don't even bother with my primary until I have consulted Dr. Lisa. I trust her knowledge and experience. I write this with all honesty because I have the utmost respect for her and want people to know there really are decent therapists and doctors out there! I am blessed to have found her.


In the past I have had clinical therapists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists but I have never been blessed to have one person who is licensed in all three of the above and brilliant at healing my mind, body, and spirit.  Having Dr. Lisa Grossman in my life has changed my thinking, feeling and total outlook on being the best I can be. I look forward to my weekly sessions at her and recommend that if you are seeking positive healthy motivation, you have found it with Dr. Lisa.


I’m impressed with the diversity of Dr. Lisa’s practice, acupuncture, therapy, the herbal supplements, it’s the whole 9 yards! Dr. Lisa is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable therapists I have ever met. The treatment has been very enlightening. - Barb


"I have been working with Lisa for some time now.  She’s a great listener, non-judgmental and has helped me to overcome some difficult times in my life. I am very thankful and grateful to have Lisa as my therapist and would recommend her to any of my friends."


I came in due to neuropathy and hip pain. I am much improved. Excellent atmosphere, professional and has great patience to explain the different approaches since I didn’t know much. I am surprised and pleased with the results!


A few years ago I met a fellow patient of Dr Lisa in her office waiting room. The patient told me she had been in Egypt and got some kind of terrible bug that no doctor in the USA could figure out. She was exhausted, and diminishing more and more by the day, when Dr. Lisa found a way to heal her. "She saved my life.” she said. "Yeah mine too” I smiled. Dr Lisa has helped me heal almost unbearable Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

A person in my Hospice Volunteer Group had recommended Dr Lisa Grossman in 2013 because she healed my fellow volunteer of insomnia with a combination of Chinese medicine, aromatherapy and acupuncture. Her words were "Dr Lisa resolved my agonizing insomnia problem within a week!


It's a 10-year story for me. I was currently undergoing issues with Graves' disease when I found Dr. Lisa. She began treating me with acupuncture and various Chinese herbs to help get my symptoms under control. There were plenty of supplements that I needed to take, and they were very helpful. I discontinued seeing my Endocrinologist and I saw her every week for about a year and then we started moving it up to every two weeks and then every three weeks and then it was once a month. she has been there helping me deal with both personal and health issues.

To this day, my Graves’ disease is in remission with NO radioactive iodine. There is no quick fix to any physical or psychological problems, without taking risks. I have learned through Dr. Lisa that a gentler approach gets a better response. Dr. Lisa has been so caring and always given great advice along with her treatments. My calm kicks in as soon as I walk in the door. I recommend her to anyone dealing with health or psychological issues. I am back to seeing Dr. Lisa every 2 weeks again, because I am going through a personal crisis in my life right now, and She is my go-to. I look forward to my visit, and I always feel so good after I leave there. She has been a Godsend.


Excellent At What She Does: Lisa has helped me with understanding more clearly my behavior from being sexually abused as a child and many decades of PTSD. I also suffer from chronic pain. After discussing symptoms with her she has lead me in a helpful dirrection. She has a brilliant mind, good listener and communicator, and is compassionate. I highly recommend Lisa.


Hi my name is , Anthony. I have been a patient of Dr Grossman for over 3 years. I find her to be very in touch with the thoughts I’m trying to convey to her. She’s very helpful and more importantly a good listener. I would highly recommend her.


This is my story living with untreated Lyme disease for 30 years. At 40 I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis. At 45 I had a terrible memory and brain fog. I also noticed my body was in constant pain. At 55 I was told I needed bi-lateral knee replacements. At 60 I had 3 fusions on my neck, 3 years later I had a lower back surgery, 4 fusions on my lower spine. I was now on oxcodone and fentenyal patch. I went on SSA disability, could not work, lost my home and was depressed. Every year on my birthday I would feel worse then the year before. I was spending 18 hours a day in bed and suicidal from the pain I was enduring.

So again I decided I needed therapy (2nd) time. I picked Lisa because of her holistic approach. She happened to be Lyme literate. She very strongly suggested I had Lyme disease. We used a specialty lab report that showed I had Lyme bacteria. I started many weeks of IV antibiotics and herbal treatments. How do I feel you ask? The pain is gone, the brain fog is gone, the muscle pain and spasms are gone. I have my life back and every day I cannot believe how well I feel. The Lyme Bacteria ate away at my body, my spine, my knees, my hands, but I feel good, and at 70 I have my life back. Lisa Grossman diagnosed my Lyme disease and gave me my life back. Lisa is a true healer, and my hero. I have no words to describe my gratitude. She saved me from a never ending life of pain, suffering, and being bed ridden


I went to Dr. Lisa Grossman with severe gastric problems.  Over a few months of treatment, which included acupuncture, guiding me with a food journal and supplements, I was able to eat without feeling miserable.

Dr. Grossman is very knowledgeable about how our bodies function with regard to digestive issues.  Even though I am no longer in treatment I still use the supplements that she prescribed and continue to feel good.  She is easy to talk to and her office surroundings are extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Grossman to anyone seeking alternative health care.


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