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Navigating Health Complexities:
Our Lyme and PANS/PANDAS Courses

Explore our informative courses on Lyme Disease and PANS/PANDAS.

Lyme Disease: Your Path to Understanding

A Deeper Dive into Lyme Disease for Informed Choices and Empowerment. Lyme Disease is complex, but understanding it doesn't have to be.


Join us on a comprehensive journey of discovery in our course, "Lyme Disease: Pathogens, Persistors, and Patience." Here, you'll explore the intricate world of Lyme Disease, from pathogens to persistors, and discover the power of patience in your path to wellness.

Unlocking the Mystery of PANS/PANDAS for Parents

Embark on a journey to understand and combat PANS/PANDAS, as a devoted parent.


Our comprehensive resources and community support empower you to gain clarity, find solutions, and advocate for your child's well-being. Join us in separating myths from facts and unlocking the mystery together.

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