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  • How do the courses work?
    A) Mini-course: Upon registration and purchase, you will receive a login and password for the course portal; for immediate on-demand access at your convenience. B) Live courses: Upon registration and purchase, you will receive a login and password for the course portal: 1- receive the Zoom link for the live weekly classes 2- book your private consultation hour with Lisa 3- access all the handouts in the course portal 4- access to recorded course content if you miss the class 5- receive a Zoom link for live Q&A group calls weekly 6- Enrolled in the private support group online weekly meeting
  • When do I book the private consultation hour with Lisa once enrolled in a Live course?
    As soon as you enroll, hop over to the calendar and book the call before the course begins, that way you will get the most out of the live workshop.
  • How long do I have to access to the material?
    You will have access to the course recordings and handouts as stated per online course/program; Your invitation to weekly Q&A will be only through the duration of the Live course event time period; Your invitation to private weekly support group will be only through the duration of the Live course event time period;
  • Does the course have private one-on-one time with Lisa?
    Yes! You will book your one hour initial private consultation as soon as you register for the live course event.
  • If I already purchased your mini-course, do I need to do a live course?
    The mini-courses are meant to be an overview to help with a framework only; The live courses deep dive into each area necessary to understand and empower you to achieve your health and wellness, they also provide community support through live Q&A sessions and weekly support group with your peers.
  • If I take this course, does it mean you are my Doctor?
    No, these courses are not tailored to one specific person and are not providing medical advice for an individual. Participating in these courses, support groups or Q&A meetings does not create a Practitioner-client relationship between me and you. These courses with health information are designed for all individuals seeking answers, guidance and options at a fraction of the cost than if you worked one-on-one with a Practitioner. There may be times when Lisa will recommend working directly with a Practitioner.
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
    Since mini-course content is carefully curated and available to you and viewable immediately online, we apologize that there is no refunds available for the mini-courses. For live courses, a full refund, minus a $50 service fee, will be available up to 3 weeks prior to start date; a 50% refund will be available, minus a $50 service fee, 2 weeks prior to start date; no refunds will be offered less than 2 weeks before the live course begins due to minimum and maximum registration numbers per course to keep each course personal and valuable to every member.
  • Is there a refund or a credit if I miss a weekly live support group or Q&A in the live courses?
    Unfortunately, there is no recordings and no credit or refund available if you miss a scheduled weekly live event.
  • Can I enroll in a live weekly support group package without registering for any courses?
    Yes, you may but we do recommend that you at least purchase the mini-course so that everyone is at least partially aware of the topics that will be discussed together.
  • Can I enroll in live weekly support groups and do Coaching with Lisa?
    Yes! That is the preferred method and most people enjoy the individual treatment planning, coaching and community support as well.
  • Can I do individual coaching with Lisa at the same time as I am enrolled in a live course?
    Yes! That is a great way to get individual treatment planning, coaching and direction while also learning more about options for optimal health and engaging in group community support.
  • Does Lisa offer coaching sessions singly vs. in packages?
    No, Lisa offers very specific packages to help you find answers, create goals and plot out your specific plan of action and empower you towards better health and wellness!
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