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"We were living in a crisis state, physically and emotionally exhausted, for over 8 years straight and the medical community let us down. My heart was shattered watching my beautiful daughter suffer. I felt helpless." Sound familiar?

It can feel lonely and quite frustrating if you do not have the correct support team.

Lisa saw the need for creating a system readily available to everyone that offers education, support, and solutions for families and individuals. Lisa has compiled diagnostic tools, testing and treatment options necessary to help families navigate these complicated illnesses and the medical system. You do not have to do it alone!


About Lisa

Lisa earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S.S.W in Social Work, specializing in Psychopathology and Psychotherapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has a B.S. in Health Sciences and an M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine, blending Western and Eastern medicine.

She is a national board certified Acupuncture Physician and Diplomat in Herbology, in addition to her credentials as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Functional medicine and Nutrition Health Coach.

After years of public service, Lisa went into private practice. Her focus has been on somatic therapy helping her patients in the mind-body connection by listening to their body, finding the root cause of dis-ease, and treating all systems of the whole person to bring them back to health. Her unique skill set blending psychology, Western and Eastern medicine with acupuncture, herbs and nutraceuticals as treatment modalities, exemplifies the true meaning of wholistic healthcare. 

As a teenager, Lisa discovered tools like yoga, mindfulness meditation, and eating clean that helped her to overcome personal health issues. These three lifestyle pillars have been the foundation and driving force in her quest to better understand the mind-body connection. 

Lisa is an avid researcher, keeping pace with the progress of clinical studies for Lyme disease and PANS/PANDAS and always delving into further training to provide the best options for safe and effective treatments.

Patient Success Stories

You could give me three pages to write this review and I still wouldn't be able to completely express how high my opinion is of Dr. Lisa Grossman. I never knew what therapy could be until I met her. If you have a therapist who just sits and listens, that is not therapy! Dr. Lisa is hands down the most skilled therapist I've ever met.  She is also kind, funny and accessible. No annoying assistant or office staff.

She does it all on her own. On top of all that, she is a board-certified acupuncture physician and herbalist! Her herbs helped with a perimenopause issue I had suffered with for years. I could not believe it when I actually got relief. I can also turn to her when I have any questions about nutrition. Her knowledge is remarkable. I don't even bother with my primary until I have consulted Dr. Lisa. I trust her knowledge and experience. I write this with all honesty because I have the utmost respect for her and want people to know there really are decent therapists and doctors out there! I am blessed to have found her.


In the past I have had clinical therapists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists but I have never been blessed to have one person who is licensed in all three of the above and brilliant at healing my mind, body, and spirit.  Having Dr. Lisa Grossman in my life has changed my thinking, feeling and total outlook on being the best I can be. I look forward to my weekly sessions at her and recommend that if you are seeking positive healthy motivation, you have found it with Dr. Lisa.


I’m impressed with the diversity of Dr. Lisa’s practice, acupuncture, therapy, the herbal supplements, it’s the whole 9 yards! Dr. Lisa is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable therapists I have ever met. The treatment has been very enlightening. - Barb


Lisa’s commitment to creating this institute is to provide tools to empower you with your health and wellness!

Lisa also has first-hand experience with the challenges and frustrations of our medical system where costs are high, diagnoses may be erroneous and treatment options scarce, specifically in the field of Lyme disease and PANS/PANDAS. After years of taking her daughter to numerous practitioners who provided few or no answers to her daughter’s severe and debilitating illness, Lisa drew on her own training and research to piece together a proper diagnosis and effective treatment options. As a result, PANS/PANDAS and Lyme disease have become Lisa’s area of specialization.

Drawing on many years as a trained psychotherapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, nutrition health coach, and functional medicine practitioner, Lisa has developed a unique skill set. She specializes in addressing the mind-body connection and the root cause of disease, bridging the gap between Western and Eastern medicine, Psychology and evidence-based natural medicine. This enables her to support individuals and families struggling with chronic health conditions.

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