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Let’s redefine medical care as we know it

 Lyme Disease 


 Neuroimmune conditions  

Maybe you are unsure why you are feeling so unwell

and want answers


Welcome to Bamboo Wellness Institute

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Welcome. I am Lisa Grossman, the founder of BWI... I’ve been there as a Mother, a caretaker, a practitioner and experienced first hand a medical system that had no idea what was wrong with my child in crisis. Hospitals sent us home with no answers and no proper treatment(s). It was horrifying. I get it!

I vowed to learn all I could to heal my child and share this knowledge with others so that you never have to go through the horror of our 7+ year journey, as we did. If I had only known back then, what I know now, we would have avoided the devastating consequences of long term neuroinflammation leading to autoimmune encephalopathy.


This is a place to find answers to your questions, provide education around all the options for care and create a community focused on wellness, empowerment and hope.

Knowledge is power and answers create hope!

Struggling with Lyme Disease, PANS/PANDAS, or caretaking someone who is ill with these neuroimmune conditions can leave you feeling very alone, scared and overwhelmed. 

Often these conditions are misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated. 

This is a place to find answers to complex medical challenges and have community, education and coaching all in one place.

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What is happening, why do I feel so sick?
Empower yourself with knowledge and tools

Lyme Disease


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What sets
us apart

Empowering you with tools
and education

Lisa has over 30 years of clinical experience to address emotional and physical challenges to be able to help you weave together answers for your medical concerns.

How we can help

Lisa offers solutions by bringing together the true meaning of the mind-body connection. Her focus is revitalizing the whole person through blending her training in Psychology, Eastern Medicine and evidence-based functional medicine.

With knowledge of psychology, Asian medicine, herbs, nutraceuticals, nutrition, and coaching, Lisa helps people learn to address the emotional components and lifestyle changes necessary to address root causes.  


Lisa personally knows how scary it is to have a loved one who is quite ill and not finding answers or support in the traditional medical system. This forced her to delve into the research and begin to piece together answers. She is here to share her knowledge with you, because when loved ones are suffering, time is of the essence.

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Courses, Coaching, Community


Recently, studies show evidence to suggest some mental illness may have a pathogen-related cause;

Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, and even Strep may be linked to some anxiety, depression, psychosis, and schizophrenia-like symptoms. We have an epidemic of pathogenic species affecting our health and mental health and a medical system lacking in proper testing and treatment options. Many unexplained symptoms — from constant fatigue, pain, tics, seizure like episodes, neurological changes to OCD, anxiety and depression — often have a root cause anchored in pathogens.

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Check out our mini-course on PANS/ PANDAS/ PITAND

Clarity defines treatment

Find out if it's PANS/PANDAS...

 this course will offer you answers to fast forward getting results! Learn the connection between infections and neuropsychiatric disorders and

what to do about it.

Time is of the essence!

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Check out our mini-course on Lyme Disease

What is happening to me?
If you are asking yourself this question...this course is for you!

Gain answers and fast forward to the next step. Learn the connection between infections, neuropsychiatric symptoms, pain, fatigue and what to do about it!


Group Discussion

Join the community
for support

Professionally run structured support groups 

Feeling unwell can be lonely and frustrating. Give yourself the online environment of structured support to heal and grow with others in similar circumstances. Peer support is powerful. Focus will be on uplifting energy and empowerment!

Working from Home

Schedule a personalized coaching package with Lisa

Supportive counseling + experienced Lyme literate health coach

Connect the dots and discover the root cause. Empower yourself with answers!

Consider a deep dive with Lisa and gain more clarity, define your next step and feel the hope reemerge.

Get a Free Health Consult with Lisa

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    Ask your questions and let Lisa help direct you to the appropriate res...

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Rain Flowers

I have been working with Lisa for some time now.  She’s a great listener, non-judgmental and has helped me to overcome some difficult times in my life. I am very thankful and grateful to have Lisa as my therapist and would recommend her to any of my friends.


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