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Blending Counseling and Natural Medicine for Healing
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Welcome to
Bamboo Wellness Institute

I am Lisa Grossman, the founder of BWI... I’ve been there as a Mother, a caretaker, and a practitioner and experienced firsthand a medical system that had no idea what was wrong with my child in crisis. Hospitals sent us home without answers and proper treatments. It was horrifying. I get it!

I vowed to learn all I could to heal my child and share this knowledge with others so that you never have to go through the horror of our 8+ year journey, as we did. If I had only known back then, what I know now. Chronic infections can lead to the devastating consequences of long term neuroinflammation which can lead to autoimmune encephalopathy. It is this complex interplay between infection and autoimmunity that I now dedicate my integrative medicine practice.

Knowledge is power and answers create hope!

What We Offer

Patient Success Stories

You could give me three pages to write this review and I still wouldn't be able to completely express how high my opinion is of Dr. Lisa Grossman. I never knew what therapy could be until I met her. If you have a therapist who just sits and listens, that is not therapy! Dr. Lisa is hands down the most skilled therapist I've ever met.  She is also kind, funny and accessible. No annoying assistant or office staff.

She does it all on her own. On top of all that, she is a board-certified acupuncture physician and herbalist! Her herbs helped with a perimenopause issue I had suffered with for years. I could not believe it when I actually got relief. I can also turn to her when I have any questions about nutrition. Her knowledge is remarkable. I don't even bother with my primary until I have consulted Dr. Lisa. I trust her knowledge and experience. I write this with all honesty because I have the utmost respect for her and want people to know there really are decent therapists and doctors out there! I am blessed to have found her.


In the past I have had clinical therapists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists but I have never been blessed to have one person who is licensed in all three of the above and brilliant at healing my mind, body, and spirit.  Having Dr. Lisa Grossman in my life has changed my thinking, feeling and total outlook on being the best I can be. I look forward to my weekly sessions at her and recommend that if you are seeking positive healthy motivation, you have found it with Dr. Lisa.


I’m impressed with the diversity of Dr. Lisa’s practice, acupuncture, therapy, the herbal supplements, it’s the whole 9 yards! Dr. Lisa is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable therapists I have ever met. The treatment has been very enlightening. - Barb



Free Resources...

Our free enlightening Mini-videos: 

"Myths vs. Reality: Lyme Disease" 

"Myths vs. Reality: PANS/PANDAS"


Both are designed to dispel myths, embrace facts and empower you with knowledge. Don't let misconceptions hold you back—unravel the truth, find clarity. Watch now and take the first step towards your well-being.

Empower yourself with our informative Courses...

Are you or a loved one suffering from unexplained symptoms? Are you over-whelmed, scared, exhausted? These concise courses help explain what is happening in the body, what testing is useful and what treatment options to consider. Time is of the essence. 

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Rock Maze

Get to the root cause with Lisa as your medical consultant...

Do you feel like you're navigating a medical maze with no clear answers in sight? It's time to gain back control of your health and find the answers you deserve. 


Discover your personalized pathway to wellness with a medical consultant! She will help you focus on mind and body wellness giving you the tools to feel grounded and gain hope.


What sets us apart

Lisa has over 30 years of clinical experience in addressing emotional and physical challenges to be able to help you weave together answers for your medical concerns. She offers solutions by bringing together the true meaning of the mind-body connection. Her focus is revitalizing the whole person through blending her training in Psychology, Eastern Medicine and evidence-based functional medicine.

With knowledge of psychology, Asian medicine, herbs, nutraceuticals, nutrition, and coaching, Lisa helps people learn to address the emotional and physical components necessary to address the root cause.  


Lisa personally knows how scary it is to have a loved one who is quite ill and not finding answers or support in the traditional medical system. This forced her to delve into the research and begin to piece together answers. She is here to share her knowledge with you, because when loved ones are suffering, time is of the essence.

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